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Candidate Statement

I spent my career practicing engineering, pragmatically solving problems, meeting budgets and schedules, working with teams, and running a business. Now, I want to solve problems in Sacramento in a balanced and reasonable manner. It is time to end the Democratic supermajority’s ability to tax at will and increase spending without restraint.

We must resolve the $Trillion unfunded pension liability with creative solutions, as have the Feds and other states.  The increasing cost of pensions eats the budgets of our cities, counties, and state.

Our taxes are excessive. I will defend Prop 13, support the gas tax repeal, and oppose the high-speed rail debacle and the state’s ability to mandate 90ft buildings near your home. The recent great economy provides plenty of revenue without more taxes if we resolve the pension issue. I will work to improve California’s business climate to sustain our prosperity, create jobs and alleviate poverty, the biggest cause of crime.

I was raised in San Mateo County and live in Santa Clara County. I earned a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley.  Then I worked 10 years at a Fortune 500 tech company. Next, I attended Stanford for a M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science while starting an engineering firm in Mountain View, which I have run for 20 years.  See www.glew2018.com.

I ask for your support to win back the 24thAssembly District for the people who live here. Together we’ll fight back against the failed policies of Sacramento.

Twitter suspends Republican Candidate’s on Nov 5th, 2018

Twitter suspends Republican Candidate for CA Assembly District 24 the day before the election. I am the Republican Candidate for Assembly District 24 in CA. Twitter suspended my account @assembly2018 the day before the election, November 5th.  I let a friend know who is very active and influential on Twitter; he said that Twitter also suspended his account today.  He wrote to me the following about others Republicans on Twitter. "Its just now [...]

Howard Jarvis Tax Payer Association Endorses Dr. Alex Glew for Assembly

Howard Jarvis Tax Payer Association Endorses Dr. Alex Glew for Assembly   Endorsements "Sep 25, 2018 Candidate Endorsements The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC has endorsed these candidates for the November 6, 2018, Statewide General Election: STATEWIDE RACES JOHN COX Governor STEVEN BAILEY Attorney General STATE ASSEMBLY MELINDA AVEY Assembly District 8 JOSEPH GRCAR Assembly District 20 ALEXANDER GLEW Assembly District 24 VICKI NOHRDEN Assembly District 29 JAY OBERNOLTE Assembly District […]"  See  Howard Jarvis [...]

Libertarian Climate

A Libertarian Climate Solution A clean healthy climate is our quest and ambition.  But to get there I favor maximizing personal choice - affordable by all economic groups - with minimal government involvement and regulation.  Personal choice also assumes personal responsibility.  The current cap and trade in CA is not a good solution.  And personal responsibility means an informed citizenry on the realities of climate change, including risks and opportunities. Recall that Jefferson wrote [...]

Violent Felonies are no longer considered Violent.

Violent Felonies are no longer considered Violent The CA legislature has changes the law, so that for parole purposes, certain violent felonies are no longer considered "violent."  Below are some examples. Rape of an unconscious person Drives-by shooting Corporal injury to a child Assault with a deadly weapon Hate crime causing physical injury Human trafficking involving sex act with minors I disagree with these acts of the CA legislature that led to this, and [...]

Local Control Part 4: Character and Community

Local Control, Character and Community  Each of us choses to live in a community whose character best meets our criteria for lifestyle, emotional experience, childrearing, commutes and character. Where we live and the individual qualities of the community we choose significantly impacts our lives. We all recognize what psychological studies show, that our environment makes a huge impact on our well-being.  Hence, the need for local control. Most groups find it difficult to reach [...]

Local Control: Part 3

Preserving local control in CA by action of the League of California Cities After my first post on loss of local control focusing on SB 827, a number of Democratic and Republican city council members in Assembly District 24 spoke to me about their concern of the CA legislature ruining their cities by taking control from their local governments. See the previous post Preserve local control part 2 Some of these city council members, drafted an open [...]

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