Redwood City Considers Increasing Taxes on November Ballot

/Redwood City Considers Increasing Taxes on November Ballot

Redwood City Considers Increasing Taxes on November Ballot

Redwood City is consider new taxes on the November 2018 ballot

  • A quarter-cent sales tax increase and
  • A transit occupancy tax increase

City Manager Melissa Diaz stated that they are considering the taxes due to projected budget deficits.

One five-year budget forecast shows the city of Redwood City running nearly $1 million in deficit spending by fiscal year 2019-20.  The deficit could grow as follows:

  • $1.0 million in 2019·20
  • $3.7 million in 2021·22
  • $5.7 million in 2022·23

She blames the shortfall on rising public pension costs and decreasing retail sales tax revenues.

There should be no new taxes.  Instead, the pension deficit disaster should be managed.  See our blog on the pension deficit debacle  at

Contact your City Council or City Manager to let them know what you think.

The State Legislature should be held accountable and properly manage the overly generous pension plans promised to state employees.  The Federal Government has converted many Federal Employees to 401k type plans.  It is time for CA to do the same.  Increasing taxation on the hard working people of Redwood City is not the answer.   Writing a blank check to cover the negligence of CALPERS and the State of CA is not acceptable.

Do not vote for party that created this trillion dollar mess that CA is in over pension deficits?  Every city and county in CA is subject to the same problems that Redwood City is now facing.  Wake up and smell the coffee CA!



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