FACEBOOK Discriminates against Republican Candidate in their District

/FACEBOOK Discriminates against Republican Candidate in their District

FACEBOOK Discriminates against Republican Candidate in their District

FACEBOOK Discriminates against Republican Candidate in their home Assembly District 24

Today I attempted to boost a post on my Facebook Page, but it was blocked by Facebook for the first time.

“Not Authorized for Ads with Political Content
Your ad was not approved because your Page has not been authorized to run ads with political content.”

The post that I had hoped to boost related to taxation levels and was as follows and cites to a 20 page report on taxation levels versus economic stimulus. This is hardly controversial material. It is reproduced below for your convenience.

Total taxation is excessive and exceeds 39%. “Current federal spending levels are around 24 percent of national income. Combined federal, state, and local spending levels are 39.1 percent of national income.” See https://bit.ly/2HWE57M

Assembly District 24 Republican Candidate Add blocked by Facebook during primary balloting

Assembly District 24, in which I am running, includes Facebook Corporate headquarters.  Both Facebook and its COO have maxed out their contribution to my opponent before the primary. One can see donation at the following site: (Follow the Money). I have previously boosted posts without issue.  Now that mail in ballots are out and being returned in the heat of the primary elections, they have blocked my page promotion.  One can’t make up for lost time.  This is is very convenient timing for a Corporation and COO who financially support my opponent in the other party. I suspected that my page might not be treated fairly, but now my suspicions are confirmed.  Blocking adds on my site does not square with the testimony that the Facebook CEO recently gave on Capitol Hill about not discriminating against Republican candidates. If Facebook can get away with this, what about other social media?  


Dr. Alex Glew

Republican Candidate for Assembly District 24.
The work discrimination in red at a diagonal.
Follow the money 1 from Facebook

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