Facebook’s political filtering is biased and broken

/Facebook’s political filtering is biased and broken

Facebook’s political filtering is biased and broken

Facebook’s political filtering is biased and broken

After initially not approving my add as described in the previous blog, Facebook approved it, then 17 minutes later “unapproved” it.  My Facebook followers may note that I have been placing political adds on Facebook for a few months.  In order for Facebook to even consider allowing me to place political adds for my campaign web site, they demanded that I give them a high resolution scan of the front and back of my drivers license, my social security number, and home address.  Then, they may mail me a piece of paper with a secret code number, which could take up to seven days.

My business has been advertising on Facebook for years.  Facebook was previously happy to take my money.  I have been their customer for years.  My personal Facebook account, my business Facebook account, and my political Facebook account are all linked by my username and password. They know who I am when I am spending money in business. Also, I am endorsed by of my political party, which is plain to see on the web site of the California GOP.

As noted above, I have been posting political adds from my campaign page for a few months without issue. All of a sudden,  in the middle of the primary election, Facebook decides to take disable my site, a Republican site, from advertising. This is all too convenient.   Recall that my district, Assembly District 24, is the district wherein Facebook Corporate Headquarters is located.  Furthermore, both Facebook and their COO have maxed out their contribution to my Democratic competitor.  See the previous blog for more details: https://glew2018.com/2018/05/28/facebook-discriminates-against-republican-candidate-in-their-district/  The course of events was as follows:

  • Facebook and their COO max out contribution to the Democratic CA Assembly candidate in their home district.
  • Facebook “denies” political ad by Republican candidate in their home district in the heat of the primary election.
  • Facebook “approves” political ad by Republican candidate in their home district after some consideration.
  • Facebook “un-approves” political ad 17 minutes after approving it or the  Republican CA assembly candidate in their home district.
  • Facebook demands from the Republican candidate
    • high resolution scans of the front and back of the Republican candidates CA drivers license,
    • his social security number (which they have no rights to obtain)
    • his home address
    • secondary authentication
  • Facebook may, or may not, send a secret code by mail, which can take up to seven days to the Republican candidate, perhaps allowing him to place political adds.

Facebook can’t discern real candidates and political debate from ‘fake news”

The country should have little  confidence in Facebook’s ability to screen out “fake news.”  It does not even know its own customers who live and work 10 miles from its headquarters.  It even pretends to not know the political candidates in its headquarter’s home district.

Remember from the previous blog that the post that we hoped to promote was regarding taxation reaching on average 39% between federal, state and local taxes.  In that blog we provided a link to a 20 page analysis performed by a reputable research institute in the USA discussing the tradeoff between taxation and prosperity.  It is below for convenience. You can decide for yourself how controversial it is and needed to be “blocked” from advertising.

Total taxation is excessive and exceeds 39%. “Current federal spending levels are around 24 percent of national income. Combined federal, state, and local spending levels are 39.1 percent of national income.” See https://bit.ly/2HWE57M

Below I have pasted the text from the two emails,  case number replaced with XXX.   Of course the link for “Please give us your feedback” did not work.

Facebook case++XXX@support.facebook.com

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for notifying us about your ad disapproval.

We’ve reviewed your ad again and have determined it complies with our policies. Your ad is now approved.

Your ad is now active and will start delivering soon. You can track your results in Facebook Ads Manager.

Have a great day!

Did you find our support helpful? Please give us feedback

Facebook Ads Team advertise-noreply@support.facebook.com

We have reviewed your ad more closely and have determined it doesn’t comply with our Advertising Policies. This ad will not be active any longer until you edit it to comply with policy. You can click the ad name below to see why it wasn’t approved and make edits.

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