Election Fraud in CA: LA at 144% of Eligible Registration

/Election Fraud in CA: LA at 144% of Eligible Registration

Election Fraud in CA: LA at 144% of Eligible Registration

Election Fraud and Dirty Voter Rolls: Los Angeles County at 144%

Judicial Watch sued over voter fraud in CA in 11 counties.  https://t.co/BMlKMqzZN5  Their lawsuit is based on the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”),  a Section 8 violation.  They sued the State of CA and those 11 counties with dirty voter rolls.

It asserts that many areas exceed 100% of the age-eligible citizenry and its eligible voting population.  Simply, not everybody over 18 is eligible to vote.  Specifically, it asserts that Los Angeles County is at 144% voter registration. Locally, it asserts that San Mateo County is at 111% of its eligible voting population.  San Mateo is part of Assembly District 24, our District. This is especially concerning.  Thus, San Mateo would be over represented and Santa Clara County underrepresented in our district.  This is not fair and violates the law.

These claims are alarming for a number of reasons.  Los Angeles is the most populous county in the State of CA.  If it has 44% extra votes, that is not fair to the rest of the state. The second most egregious violation appears to be by San Diego. It is certainly not fair to Northern California for Southern California to claim to have so many voter that is does not.  It is no wonder that some of the State wants to split, which I do not support.  For additional information see https://ballotpedia.org/Redistricting_in_California

Requirements to Vote

By their own records and admissions, the counties show that they have more voters than people over 18 living. This is described in a Red Flag article Red Flag News Article.  The second problem is figuring out how many people over 18 are actually eligible to vote in CA; it must be less that they total number of people over 18.  A voter must also be US citizens and CA residents. Simply, not everybody is eligible to vote, including people who have not lived in CA long enough to establish residency and people who are not US citizens.  For example, a citizen of Russia can’t vote in CA. Also, a US citizen who just moved here from another state can’t yet vote until he/she establishes residency. Residency for voting and residency for in State college tuition are different matters. Also, there are different residency requirements to run for certain offices.

Election fraud and vote rigging

The Canada free press refers to this phenomenon as “Dirty Voter Registration Rolls.”  Canada Free Press .

The eleven asserted counties are as follows

  • Imperial
  • Lassen
  • Los Angeles
  • Monterey
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • Santa Cruz
  • Solano
  • Stanislaus
  • Yolo

Any voter registration greater than 100%  of those over 18, or the smaller number woh are eligible to vote, can’t be true.  When voters are added to the registration automatically, this bad scenario will only get worse.  There needs to be an incentive for counties not to cheat.  Perhaps they should lose Assembly and Senate seats, as well as funding, proportionally for every percent that they are over their eligible voter numbers.

Until we have clean voter rolls in CA, we will not have fair elections.  Blame the Democratic CA Secretary of State, the Democratic Attorney General, and the Democratic Governor for the dirty voter rolls in CA, as well as those 11 counties.  They deny all Californians our fair voting rights and representation.


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