Local Control Part 4: Character and Community

Local Control, Character and Community 

Each of us choses to live in a community whose character best meets our criteria for lifestyle, emotional experience, childrearing, commutes and character. Where we live and the individual qualities of the community we choose significantly impacts our lives. We all recognize what psychological studies show, that our environment makes a huge impact on our well-being.  Hence, the need for local control.

Most groups find it difficult to reach a perfect consensus on how to plan for the community’s growth. However, we know local control is better able to produce a consensus that protects our environment and our well-being. The more removed the decision process is from our communities, the more likely we will find ourselves as the mercy of strangers who we don’t know and who don’t know us or the character of the community we cherish.

Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)

Sacramento has an agenda for you and your community’s growth pattern that will remove control from you and your neighbors and local representatives. The politicians are pretending to be the “good guys” by the forced increase of diverse housing. However, the actual impact of the “Regional Housing Needs Allocation” (RHNA) is to remove the control of the quality and character of your community, the one you have chosen to live in, from you, the resident, to Sacramento.

This plan reads like an IRS complicated document with all sorts of statistical evaluations that only trained analyst can understand. It has nothing in it that says you as a resident, you as a participant in your community are of value and your choices are to be respected. No, your choices are subject to their statistical analysis. Even cities that have a population decline are listed as non-compliant under SB 35. This makes no sense.

No matter how this plan is justified, even for the “greater good of CA,” it ends up changing the character of your community, where you have chosen to invest with your life, gamily, and financial resources. It menaces not just your community, but every community across California. By appealing to the “greater good” they are undermining every community they touch with their analytics. And that is supposed to be good for you? The “greater good” then becomes a “greater grab” for control of the heart and soul of the character of your neighborhood, community and city.

I, Alex Glew do value you and your preferences, the choices you have made where and how you want to live your lives. It is critical to keep the community’s local flavor and character. Thus, my choice is to let you make and create the growth plan that is just right for you and your neighbors. Your local freedom of choice is essential for conserving your city and neighborhood.  As the Assembly District 24 representative, I would put our district first.

Protect Local Character

Protect your city, neighborhood and street from Sacramento.

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