Twitter suspends Republican Candidate’s on Nov 5th, 2018

/Twitter suspends Republican Candidate’s on Nov 5th, 2018

Twitter suspends Republican Candidate’s on Nov 5th, 2018

Twitter suspends Republican Candidate for CA Assembly District 24 the day before the election.

I am the Republican Candidate for Assembly District 24 in CA. Twitter suspended my account @assembly2018 the day before the election, November 5th.  I let a friend know who is very active and influential on Twitter; he said that Twitter also suspended his account today.  He wrote to me the following about others Republicans on Twitter.

“Its just now happened to all of us and many many across the nation!!!”

My last tweet before Twitter suspended my account was a link to a story from the Algemeiner about the reprehensible Louis Farrakhan’s visit to Iran. “Nation of Islam leader and prominent antisemite Louis Farrakhan led chants of “Death to America” and claimed that “America has never been a democracy” on Sunday during a solidarity trip to Iran, ahead of the re-implementation of US sanctions on the country this week. …. Farrakhan, perhaps the most notorious black supremacist in America, has a long history of antisemitic statements. Most recently, he referred to Jews as “termites.” Several prominent American activists and politicians have been linked to Farrakhan in recent years. Tamika Mallory, a leader of the Women’s March, praised him as “GOAT” or “Greatest of All Time,” and served as a national organizer of his 2015 “Justice or Else” rally. Linda Sarsour, another leader of the March who participated in the “Justice or Else” rally, has likewise praised Farrakhan and repeatedly refused to condemn him.”  See the following URL.

Wikipedia describes the journal as follows: “The Algemeiner Journal, known informally as The Algemeiner is a New York-based newspaper, covering American and international Jewish and Israel-related news. Former Senator Joseph Lieberman described the paper and the Jacobson Foundation as “independent truth telling advocates for the Jewish people and Israel”.[2] The Algemeiners Advisory Board was chaired by the late Nobel laureate, writer and activist Elie Wiesel. ”

I object to racism and anti-Semitism in any form and condemn prominent Democratic leaders for not denouncing him.  One can read more about his relationship with the Democratic Party in an article from the Chicago Tribune. See the following URL.

Please vote if you have not already done so!


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