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The Silicon Valley deserves an engineer and businessman.  

California has suffered from irresponsible politicians.  Because of their recklessness, each person in California now owes $253,000 to pay for the retirement benefits of state employees while our state sinks deeper into debt every year.  At the same time the politicians make these wild promises that they know they cannot keep, they leave our schools underfunded, our prisons overcrowded, our roads congested, our housing too expensive, our roads and dams unbuilt, and our taxes too high.  We the people of the Coast, South Peninsula, and Silicon Valley need new leadership in Sacramento with the appropriate skills who will act now to solve the problems directly in front of us.

I can provide the responsible, even-handed leadership that our state needs.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area for my entire life. I earned the B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and the M.S and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford. I spent a decade at a Fortune 500 but have now run a small business in Mountain View for over 20 years. California and the Bay Area are my home, and I’m running for State Assembly so that I can do my part to make it a better home for all of us. Please join me and vote Dr. Alex Glew for State Assembly. 

Dr. Alex Glew for Assembly D24: Campaign Pillars

My goal is to resolve these large issues without raising overall taxes. CA already has among the highest taxes in the USA but provides poor service to its residents. We need to regulate the CA State Government, not the good people of CA.

  1. Resolve the Trillion Dollar Unfunded Pension Liability: Safety for both the State and the employees pensions
  2. Increase Transportation Infrastructure: Highways and Regional Public Transportation:  Allow people to build more affordable houses farther from city centers but still get to work quickly.
  3. Build Water Infrastructure:  Increase water supply and drought safety.
  4. Reform Education: Increase the educational results and school effectiveness.  CA Business needs work force availability.
  5. Reduce Crime: Create a middle ground between where we were (3 strikes) and where we are with crime increasing rapidly. Serial crimes need to be prosecuted.
  6. Reduce business regulation to create more housing and jobs.
  7. Tort reform and litigation reform in CA.
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