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Climate Change

I will work to address climate change.  It is time to incentivize innovative private clean energy companies to promote a strong economy and good jobs as we transition toward more renewable energy and less fossil fuel: solar, battery, geothermal, wind and other new technologies that the Silicon Valley and the rest of CA can create.

A successful climate policy, I believe, is one that is market-based, revenue-neutral, technology-agnostic, accountable, transparent, effective, and comprehensible to regular people.  The Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Carbon Fee & Dividend proposal meets all these criteria

Carbon Fee & Dividend has three policy elements:

  1. A steadily rising fee on fossil fuels applied at the source, i.e., well-head, loading dock, etc.The fee is a predictable market signal. If we implemented this policy today, we could drive down carbon emissions over 50% by 2035
  2. 100% of the fees minus administrative costs are returned back to households each month as equal dividends. Administration costs after implementation, are estimated to be less than 2%.  An independent macroeconomic analysis shows 53% of US households and 58% of individuals receive a net financial benefit.
  3. A border adjustment mechanism is applied to stop business relocation. Import fees on products imported from countries without a carbon fee, along with rebates to US industries exporting to those countries will protect our economy.

If we’re going to put the climate change issue behind us, and I believe we can, the policy we adopt must be politically sustainable over decades.  Money raised from any carbon tax or cap and trade scheme is just too tempting for any politician.  The Citizens Climate Lobby proposal’s monthly dividend checks returning nearly 100% to citizens is a political sustainability bulwark that will enable us all to go the distance.

Carbon Fee & Dividend Basics

Effective reduction of U.S. Carbon Emissions

REMI Macro-economic analysis of CF&D

CF&D Household Impact Study

Global Warming Infographic
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